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Clairvoyant Various Tools – Runes too!

ClairvoyantClairvoyants use runes too!   There were many clans and groups that arrived early in the last millennium, and they carried with them different types of divination systems. One was the ogham or divination sticks that the druids of the Celtic tradition used, and another was the runes. Both systems are still around today, though runes may be more widely known.

The Anglo-Saxons, German, and the Norse people all used rather sturdy pieces manageable by hand, inscribed with characters from the runic alphabet, called futharks, of their culture. The futharks clairvoyants changed and developed over time, and may be read left to right, or may be set up in reverse, which can cause confusion if people try to read messages of old today. Sometimes one or more dots are used to delineate the end of a statement, and sometimes they are not present. The runes are carved or imprinted today with the characters of one northern European runic alphabet or another, such as the Elder Futhark, Younger Futhark, or Friesian Futhark, most commonly, but are never intermingled.

Yet, the casting of runes for clairvoyants  is based upon insight that the universe and one’s super conscious and higher self can bring to the table, which is unlimited resources, compared with limited human resources and intellect that everyone always possesses. When a reading of runes is started, the questioner needs to tune in and focus on their question, and set their intent for a good reading, full of truth and wisdom. They then reach into the rune bag, stir them up, and pull out the correct number of runes for their reading. To prevent from “cheating” runes need to be uniform in their size and shape.