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Clairvoyant Telephone Advisors – NO Santeria

clairvoyant telephone Clairvoyant telephone advisors vary. However, as a reader,I need to clarify my position on Santeria.

Santeros try to give a psychic reading by speaking to the orishas.  Please note the keyword is try.  They are not psychics. Instead they try to find a parallel for remedying all types of “problems.”  Sometimes these problems may be medical treatment whereby the client might be prescribed some herbal teas, cleansing baths, or a special diet from the traditional healing practice.   Personally, I believe a doctor should be consulted in these manners.  Psychics read energy; they do not prescribe.  This is why I’m very clear on the keyword try.  The attempt is not one that involves professional psychic phenomena.

At the same time, I do not believe a clairvoyant telephone advisor can bring back a former lover.  I believe a clairvoyant telephone advisor can can help you improve your relationships by telling you when you are most likely to attract others, and what type of people you will attract, as well as why a certain person’s energy is good or challenging for you.  A psychic can work more on a psychological level based on intuition.  What’s the point of bringing back someone that you were involved with if you or that person hasn’t improved or made changes where the relationship suffered?  Sound too practical?  Regardless of our beliefs or philosophies, we must always acknowledge that each person possess free will, and specific psychological, emotional, and spiritual makeups.  Each person in a relationship must work so we can improve our connection with our mate.

From my experience, if a person has a certain karmic lesson to master, the only thing that can change for that person is himself.  Surely a “spiritual cleansing” may help the individual gain clarity, in which case it would have served him well.  However, using Santeria to solve your problems to return former lovers may not manifest in the physical world unless or until change comes from within or the time is served.

There are many in the practice that do not understand this.  They believe the client needs to go through a cleansing, become a Santero themselves, etc. There is a borderline ethical issue especially since they are charged enormous amounts of dollars to undergo special rituals.

There is also legal issues too, especially in the sacrifice of animals.  Florida is the most popular state for Santeria because of the high population of Cubans.  There have been many cases of animal cruelty reported where goats, cows, chickens, and many other four-legged animals were used for sacrificial ceremonies.

I believe Santeria can be a good gateway practice to take on a different journey into new age, spirituality, psychic phenomena, etc.  As that is what it did for me, and I never looked back.  I had my intuition about it and treaded with caution.  It didn’t feel right.

I have yet to hear about an ethical or legal practice of Santeria existing today.  Most of it is underground.  There is a reason for that.