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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Clairvoyant Telephone Advisors – NO Santeria

clairvoyant telephone Clairvoyant telephone advisors vary. However, as a reader,I need to clarify my position on Santeria.

Santeros try to give a psychic reading by speaking to the orishas.  Please note the keyword is try.  They are not psychics. Instead they try to find a parallel for remedying all types of “problems.”  Sometimes these problems may be medical treatment whereby the client might be prescribed some herbal teas, cleansing baths, or a special diet from the traditional healing practice.   Personally, I believe a doctor should be consulted in these manners.  Psychics read energy; they do not prescribe.  This is why I’m very clear on the keyword try.  The attempt is not one that involves professional psychic phenomena.

At the same time, I do not believe a clairvoyant telephone advisor can bring back a former lover.  I believe a clairvoyant telephone advisor can can help you improve your relationships by telling you when you are most likely to attract others, and what type of people you will attract, as well as why a certain person’s energy is good or challenging for you.  A psychic can work more on a psychological level based on intuition.  What’s the point of bringing back someone that you were involved with if you or that person hasn’t improved or made changes where the relationship suffered?  Sound too practical?  Regardless of our beliefs or philosophies, we must always acknowledge that each person possess free will, and specific psychological, emotional, and spiritual makeups.  Each person in a relationship must work so we can improve our connection with our mate.

From my experience, if a person has a certain karmic lesson to master, the only thing that can change for that person is himself.  Surely a “spiritual cleansing” may help the individual gain clarity, in which case it would have served him well.  However, using Santeria to solve your problems to return former lovers may not manifest in the physical world unless or until change comes from within or the time is served.

There are many in the practice that do not understand this.  They believe the client needs to go through a cleansing, become a Santero themselves, etc. There is a borderline ethical issue especially since they are charged enormous amounts of dollars to undergo special rituals.

There is also legal issues too, especially in the sacrifice of animals.  Florida is the most popular state for Santeria because of the high population of Cubans.  There have been many cases of animal cruelty reported where goats, cows, chickens, and many other four-legged animals were used for sacrificial ceremonies.

I believe Santeria can be a good gateway practice to take on a different journey into new age, spirituality, psychic phenomena, etc.  As that is what it did for me, and I never looked back.  I had my intuition about it and treaded with caution.  It didn’t feel right.

I have yet to hear about an ethical or legal practice of Santeria existing today.  Most of it is underground.  There is a reason for that.

Clairvoyant Telephone Readings

Clairvoyant telephone readings offer more than just forecasting your future. They assist in offering spiritual tips in handling your present.

We often get thrown from our centers when emotions run high. Simply remembering that you are not alone and have spirit guiding you can be a comfort. The day you were born you were also given an Angel. In truth, this means you are never alone. When lonely emotioclairvoyant telephone readingsns hit you, look up and ask for your Angel’s assistance. They have likely been waiting for you to forge this connection on your own.  Without strengthening your own connection to spirit you run the risk of having a lesser quality of life than you may have asked for and intended.

Emotions can only come from two roots. One is fear and the other is love.  So every negative feeling stems ultimately from fear. Every positive feeling stems ultimately from love.  Sometimes these feelings can feel very big, especially if we have been putting these emotions in our back pocket. Realize that every emotion that is not in alignment with our natural state has only risen in us to be released. The trick is to not become the emotion.  Simply let it go with love.  If you let it go with haste, that is a recipe for it boomeranging right back to you. Clairvoyant telephone readings  will detail this and more.

What do you do if it boomerangs back? There is an easy technique older than all of us put together.  Persist until the feeling subsides. I know that if it takes 15 minutes the first time you try this technique, then it will take 14 minutes the second time you try, and will decrease with time

If a feeling that stems from love and has risen in you, it has only done so in order to be celebrated.  Don’t worry.  Your Angels love it when you dance wild and crazy in the living room, smiling and laughing all the while!  There are so many reasons why clairvoyant telephone readings are of of value.

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Clairvoyant Readers using I-Ching

Clairvoyant readersClairvoyant readers also use the I-Ching.

Methods of divination are as old as humanity itself, and their purposes are as varied as the methods themselves. Often the purpose of serious divination is spiritual advancement, enlightenment and finding insight and guidance that apply to personal situations and issues.  The I Ching gives advice on the underlying spiritual influences of a given situation and on the best attitudes and actions to take towards that situation to bring about the most morally favorable outcome.

The 64 hexagrams of the I Ching are composed of all the possible combinations of six lines; either broken, yin lines or unbroken, yang lines. These six lines can further be analyzed into their component trigrams, the 8 possible configurations of three lines. The 8 trigrams, composed of all the possible combinations of 3 lines, each have elements of meanings of their own and combine together to signify the meanings of the hexagrams. Moreover, the position of each line has its own significance, so we can see that the seemingly cryptic glyphs of the hexagrams are actually densely packed with information for those who can read them. Using the diagram of the Tai hexagram, you can see that each hexagram is made up of 4 trigrams, the main and more dominant trigrams, (upper) K’un, (lower) Ch’ien, and two nuclear trigrams Chen and Tui. Meanings and influences from these four trigrams give Tai its meaning, peace.

The 8 trigrams, composed of all the possible combinations of 3 lines, have meanings of their own and combine together to signify the meanings of the hexagrams. In the beginning, before I Ching was compiled in a form like that which we see today, the trigrams were used alone in divination, but obviously 8 trigrams lack the subtlety and richness of 64 hexagrams. In fact, the 64 hexagrams can be combined further to create 4096 total variations for clairvoyant readers.

I Ching readers traditionally perform using a series of coin or yarrow stick tosses, though it has now expanded to card decks and even software programs. An I Ching reading usually consists of creating two hexagrams that represent the current condition, most desirable course of action and a possible outcome


Clairvoyant Readings with Divination Sticks

Clairvoyant readings Clairvoyant readings entail many different tools including sticks!

In Celtic traditions, the druids were magicians, seers, teachers, philosophers, and most importantly spiritual priests, who presided over ceremonies. Unlike Western religions, or Eastern philosophies, their tradition centered around communing with nature, and taking spiritual journeys through the mountains and forests. It is not surprising they lived among the trees, which they held in high esteem and regarded as sacred. In particular the old oak tree was considered to be the holiest of all, in that it held wisdom and knowledge. It may seem odd or perverse then that the same tradition would have made divination sticks out of any piece of a tree. It is the case, and even if little to no evidence of the archaic druid traditions using such methods exist, divination of casting of such sticks is used today.

It is often assumed the druids never actually did use divination sticks, because there is scant evidence of it, and they practiced geomancy, another form of soothsaying. Geomancy is based upon the number of holes in soil, essentially. Anyhow, small pieces of tree branches, such as thick twigs, are exactly what druid sticks, which feature inscription of the oghams (OH-Hem), are made of today. Even today, modern druids would actually ask for forgiveness or honor the tree that provides them with branches for divination sticks and larger druid sticks. They are made to be fairly easy to handle, because they are tossed, much like runes, therefore they need to be manageable either with one or two hands.

The Celtic Tree Alphabet, as the ogham is also known, is made up of 25 total distinctive line-symbols, or oghams, which were devised based upon 20 trees and shrubs depicting the majority of the 25 “letters”. Each ogham features different numbers of lines passing through a vertical line. Together, they can be used to divinate almost anything in a clairvoyant reading.  One method is to draw a series of three concentric circles, one representing the past, the present, and the future. The sticks are cast, and the future is read based upon the relative position of the different oghams that land within the various circles in a clairvoyant reading.

Clairvoyant Various Tools – Runes too!

ClairvoyantClairvoyants use runes too!   There were many clans and groups that arrived early in the last millennium, and they carried with them different types of divination systems. One was the ogham or divination sticks that the druids of the Celtic tradition used, and another was the runes. Both systems are still around today, though runes may be more widely known.

The Anglo-Saxons, German, and the Norse people all used rather sturdy pieces manageable by hand, inscribed with characters from the runic alphabet, called futharks, of their culture. The futharks clairvoyants changed and developed over time, and may be read left to right, or may be set up in reverse, which can cause confusion if people try to read messages of old today. Sometimes one or more dots are used to delineate the end of a statement, and sometimes they are not present. The runes are carved or imprinted today with the characters of one northern European runic alphabet or another, such as the Elder Futhark, Younger Futhark, or Friesian Futhark, most commonly, but are never intermingled.

Yet, the casting of runes for clairvoyants  is based upon insight that the universe and one’s super conscious and higher self can bring to the table, which is unlimited resources, compared with limited human resources and intellect that everyone always possesses. When a reading of runes is started, the questioner needs to tune in and focus on their question, and set their intent for a good reading, full of truth and wisdom. They then reach into the rune bag, stir them up, and pull out the correct number of runes for their reading. To prevent from “cheating” runes need to be uniform in their size and shape.